Tuesday, April 29, 2008



Context creation is about creating a vision of that what you want. For example you want a certain type of job write down what this ideal job would be like. If you were going to create a work of art create a vision of the end result before you start. When you are going to give a presentation see how it is all going to be created and presented. So create a vision of what you want. For those looking for the ‘ideal’ partner create a context of the type of person you want by writing out a list of list of the characteristics and values that you want in the relationship. For example things like sharing, space to develop, personal space, trust, support for my spiritual journey etc. Just know that you need to own the characteristics that you want to attract as like attracts. One often spends time telling others about all the characteristics and values you do not want and in this process this is what you attract. Remember the subconscious does not know the difference from the truth and an untruth so you end up attracting a person that has all the characteristics and values that you do not want. Then again you must ‘be’ ito of what you want in order to attract that what you want. You must own and behave ito that what you want to attract. You want love? Be love.. you want the truth? Be the truth? You want honesty? Be honest.. etc. etc If you know the characteristics and values you want for yourself and the relationship should end the context of what you want remains and it is just a person who walks out of the door. In other words the essence of ‘who you are’ and ‘what you want’ remains. Additional to this our values also influence our feelings about another person. For example if one of my values in my life was ‘the family’ and I met someone new and they spoke about their family with love and compassion they would be lifted in my eyes. However if they were derogative and rude about their family they would be ‘dropped’ in my eyes. Just know that you must be the qualities which you seek. So if you are looking for ‘trust’ be ‘trust’ etc, if you are looking for integrity be in integrity. So know that a lot of the characteristics we look for in others are abstract and you will only be in a position to know if they exist by the actions and behavior you see not by the mere words.
Considering this filter when we meet someone and you talk to them notice how you filter them in terms of your values and context creation system. This will give you some valuable information to about yourself. This is also the reason new relationships often end after the first three or six months (the honeymoon period) if the values you seek are not in place. This because ones first attraction is often based on a physical primal desire and then one evaluates the new partner against your own value system and belief system and then the reasoning part of your mind starts to make the final decisions. The reality of any relationship is who you are ‘being’ and who the other person is ‘being’ is all evident in their actions (behavior) and not their words. What often happens in a relationship is that we create ourselves around the needs of the other person and we evolve into someone else and when the relationship ends we flounder as we have in the process forgotten who we are. A lot of this is to do with the need to be really liked by the other person. This is part of our conditioning when we grow up with the concept if I do what they want they will like me.
Context creation is a tool that can be used before undertaking a job by working out what you want as an end result. If you are going to give a presentation then what result do you want to have? I.e. participation by those attending, the boss congratulating you on a job well done etc. With this you will have an affirmation of ‘ I am a great presenter, you can picture the result you want ito visualization and you can feel the winning vibrations to support what you want. Be it going out on a date, a visit to the dentist, a holiday create etc…. the context of what you want and feel like you already have it.For those seekind a relatinship make a list of all the characteristics you want and the values.. then tick off all those that you own.. those that you want but do not have master.. be the person you want to attract into your life.. GO FOR IT..

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Every thought and every word is an affirmation and is creating the reality of the affirmation in your life be it negative or positive. The thoughts we think often translate into the words that we use. And the type of words that we use has a lot to do with our confidence and sense of self worth and life in general.

Do you use words that degrade yourself or do you use words that uplifts you?. You often find people using words like ‘I am so stupid, I am pathetic’ such words affect the way we feel about ourselves and what others perceive about us. Ensure that the conversation that you have with yourself about yourself is filled with positive, uplifting and loving words.

The practice of using an affirmation as techniques is to use a spoken declaration in the present tense, which creates the desired reality. You do not have to believe the affirmation! The simplest way to do affirmation consciously is just to say them to yourself either out loud of silently when ever you can. Use them in cases where you want to counteract negative thoughts or words you find yourself thinking or saying. This is not a tool for the repression of negative emotions, allow yourself to accept what you are feeling and then give yourself the time and energy to affirm a more desirable reality after you have explored your negative feelings.

When you use an affirmation it is taking place in the conscious mind the design area and then the subconscious mind the manufacturing area processes what it hears. Remembering that the subconscious mind cannot distinguish from the truth or an untruth. The reason why one uses the affirmation in the present tense is to convince yourself that you are that already. An affirmation cannot be ‘I will be great’ as this is in the future tense and as you remember one only lives in the NOW. The more you say it the more you get to believe it and then this then becomes a reality in your life. The reality with affirmation and their continual use is that you have to break a bad thought habit you have about yourself. And as you know to break a habit takes time. So take on the challenge to use positive affirmations several times a day in order to break your bad habit. Here are some examples of affirmations you could adopt for yourself:

I am filling my life with peace and joy
I am healthy wealthy and wise
The power of the universe resides within me
I can do anything
I am in a perfect relationship
I have nothing to fear
I am creating anything I want effortlessly
I am creating my ideal job
I am breaking my boundaries
I am more confident everyday
I have an abundance of everything
I am peace and joy
I am confident
I can deal with anything that comes my way
I am blessed and live with an abundance of joy
I love all of who I am
I am an awesome being
I have nothing to fear
I am a beautiful being
I am love

Remember the subconscious is unable to distinguish the truth from an untruth. By just using positive affirmations on a daily basis you release positive energy from within your self, and if you are releasing positive energy you will attract positive people, events into your life.

So start to look at what you are saying. I often used to say “he makes me so mad“ but do I want a reality that affirms ‘madness’ hell no! So I now need to reword it by saying something like “challenges enhance my personal development”. So start looking at the thoughts and words that you use that are not promoting good energy and change the way you say things. Some of the things you could be saying are “my job makes me sick”, “I hate having to do this”, “I am so tired” etc Trust me when you continue telling yourself these things you create it in reality. The person who forever says “I’ am tired” will find that they are physically tired all the time. For these tired people consider using an affirmation like “ I am filled with energy and life”

If there are areas in your life that you aren’t working create affirmations around the situation. Some examples are ie. Problems with your relationship say “I have a loving relationship”. No enjoying you job.. “I have a meaningful job” . If you acknowledge that there are situations where you feel there is nothing that you can do about use affirmations to refocus on the specific area.

We have been giving ourselves affirmations our entire life. The problem has been that we have not been consciously aware of the process and the power of affirmations so we have affirmed a lot of things, which we could do better without. Additional to personal affirmations what others say to you that you can become a belief and then a reality. Think of the time that you went to work feeling great and some one looked at you and said “you look quite pale, are you ill?’ You reply by saying that you are fine however a few minutes later you find yourself staring in the mirror saying to yourself “you know I do look a little pale” and within a few minutes you actually start to feel ill.

Most of us have had parents, families and other peers who may have given us a lot of terrible affirmations, which were destructive to our self-image. We could have been told as a child that were stupid or ugly or incapable of doing anything properly etc etc. These are unfortunate, negative affirmations. For example when a parent walks around telling their kid that they are stupid this is a negative affirmation and the child could own this belief. This belief can then contribute to the creation of their self-image. Some affirmations planted in childhood are often kept into adulthood. If you are a parents be aware of what you say to your children.

Affirmations are very powerful so that within minutes of conscious, deep, positive repeated affirmations on a daily basis for a few weeks you can uproot unconscious negative ones. The truth is that you have the power in ‘being’ to be anything and anyone so the universe will support you in this truth. Remember the inner and the outer are connected so with affirmations you will impact your inner which will create new realities in your outer world, because who you are being will attract. The reality is that you need to break an old thought pattern. This is the part of reprogramming yourself.

Consider creating an affirmation for yourself that resonates with you. Affirmations that I use are “the power of the universe resides in me”. The affirmation of “I am great” does wonders for me when I need to give myself a confidence boost before giving a presentation etc. For affirmations to be effective make sure you have cleared yourself of limiting beliefs. You cannot walk around saying “I am love” if you do not love yourself. Continually be aware of the words that you use towards yourself and ensure that you speak tenderly to yourself ALL the time.

With all the above said …….. How can one not use the power of affirmations? So for those who have never applied affirmations before consider the possibility of the power embedded in this tool and try it out for yourself.. take the challenge now and stand up and say to yourself 10 times I AM GREAT, I AM GREAT, I AM GREAT…………. How did this make you feel??? GREAT?…. Have a look at the list of affirmations given above and find or create one that will serve you where you are right now and say it several times every day.


We are of the human species and the first question is ‘who you are you choosing to ‘BE?’.
‘Being’ is a state, such as being happy. You cannot explain state, nor can you do a state. You can only ‘be’ a state. You cannot do happiness; you can only be happiness or be happy. Creation works as follows: ‘being’ causes ‘thinking’, which causes an emotion and then an action, which puts in place the system to receive and experience what you created in your being and thinking, your reality. ‘Being’ is the start of cause.
Being is what causes thinking. So, when you are happy, you will think happy thoughts. Thoughts spring from being. Nothing happens without being. Conditions occur because of a state of being, and not the other way around as most people think. A friend of mine said he was having depressing thoughts as he was depressed. This is incorrect. His depressing thoughts were making him depressed. Furthermore he had to explore who he was really ‘being’ as a start.

Happy conditions do not make you happy. It is ‘being happy’ that causes happy conditions. Unhappy conditions only show up to prove your existing state of unhappiness. To help you understand that, consider happiness. Do not try to get happiness, Be Happy. See? You can either do things that make you happy or you can instantly decide to be happy, just make a decision. Happiness exists independent of your circumstances. Learn to be happy by changing your thinking. Look around you there are people who live in the worse circumstances possible yet many just choose to be happy.

When you think back in your life you will be able to see times when you had nothing and you were extremely happy and times when you believed that you had everything and you were at a great place etc and the reality may have been that you were not happy. This reflection will show you that your feelings and emotions work independent from your circumstances. You could be on a tropical island sipping decadent cocktail and still not be happy. The question is who are you choosing to be?
If I choose to be the worry pot, look at what I create in this example. My daughter of 19 goes out to a party with some friends in a car. As the good old ‘worry pot’ the two of us agree that she will send a cell phone text message at 11pm to confirm that everything is aright. At 11.03pm no text message! So I have a thought, ‘something has happened’, a car accident, abduction, spiked drink etc etc.. Within seconds I experience an emotion of anxiety. Eventually I convince myself that something is wrong and I go into action and I get into my car and off to go to fetch her. The result is I have a mad teenager and I feel a fool. Yet I could have chosen to be the parent who in my ‘being’ chooses the stand that my 18 old is old enough to take responsibility for her life and the consequences of her action and all is fine and in this process of thoughts I choose not to create negative realities for myself based on the thoughts in my mind.

Remember you can not have a feeling without having a thought first. Your behavior is based on your feelings which are based on your thoughts. Therefore the mere act of changing your thoughts will change your behavior and you reality. Your actions come from thought images. For example if you think you are incompetent you see yourself as being incompetent your will be incompetent. If you see yourself as lacking self confidence you will not be confident in who you are being and this will be evident in your realities. Furthermore if you believed that you lack self confidence it is unlikely that you will apply for jobs, go confidently into a relationship, and interact with people freely etc. As a start change your thoughts about yourself and choose to own self fulfilling and powerful expanding thoughts. Just be the person you want to be and then the thoughts, emotions, actions and your realities will change.
The conclusion is that you own an inner power that is absolutely amazing and that is that you own your perceptions, your thoughts, the power to choose how to react to a situation, power to create your own joy and satisfaction, power to act, and the power to love etc etc etc. You own the power to create a self fulfilled highly joyful life over one of self defeat and misery. TOTALLY AWESOME SO USE IT!


It is important to note that your personal commitment to deliver on your word is directly proportional to what you achieve in your life. WOW… So if you do not stick to your word then, you will never achieve the things that you want to achieve. Additional to this if you become your word in everything you do especially to yourself providence / the universe will step in and support you in your endeavors by supporting you to get what you want. So start by becoming ‘your word’. Besides when you are committed to changing your life you begin to focus the forces of your willpower to draw towards you everything that is necessary to successfully make the changes you desire. Properly focused consciousness is the fundamental secret of manifesting precisely what you want from life. The truth of the universe is that you draw into your life whatever you consistently think about.

More importantly being ‘your word’ puts you in total control of your life. Gone are the days of blaming others for your inability to achieve. Just do what your commit to do. Besides the fact in the past how many hours, days have you waited around for others to deliver on their word and in the process you lost some of your good living time? Waiting for that promised phone call, visit, requests to come home early etc etc. I am sure you all can relate to this. Therefore instead of waiting and wasting time ‘ be in living by being in action’.

Additional doing what you say you are going to do completes incompletes that block energy in you mind. For example if you say to yourself that you are going to visit a friend and you do not go, continual thoughts of this intent keeps cropping up in your mind even days later. It will remain there until you actually do it. Now spend some time thinking about the incompletes that you have in your mind at this very moment in your life and just make a personal commitment to get rid of them. These could be the accounts that you need to pay, friends and family to visit, jobs at home and at work etc. This is also true for the promises we make to ourselves all the time in all areas of our lives. For example I said is would sort out the chaotic kitchen cupboards, I would watch what I eat, I would go jogging every day this week etc Did I do all the things ? Remember incompletes take up space in your life and mind and does not allow for new ideas or creations to come in. It is like the glass full of water, until you take out the old water you will be unable to fill it with new water.

Besides you are not doing yourself justice by not doing what you say you are going to do and this failure slowly impacts your self worth and self esteem. This is justified by the mere fact of feelings of elation and pride one feels when one has a list of things to do and one actually completes them.

Remember you want to create the new you so you need to get rid of all your incompletes. With this self awareness learn not to create any new incompletes by being ‘your word’ or not committing yourself in areas that you know you cannot deliver. Saying ‘no’ also becomes a lot easier as you are driven more so by your own personal need not to create incompletes in your life in order to maintain your personal control.

Furthermore being in a position to make a commitment about something increases your reliability in the eyes of another person and to yourself. So when you undertake a commitment use words that are empowering. i.e I will….., I promise to……., I can……. ect and then deliver.

With this stance you will feel a great sense of power knowing that you are in control and this contributes to improving your overall self confidence which automatically boosts your self esteem.

So your challenge is to make a list of the incompletes in your life and then go into immediate action to eliminate them one by one. If you have an incomplete that you can not fulfill release yourself from them. More importantly do not make any more incompletes. On completion of this you will be in a better position to create.
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Before under taking any task and especially in the morning after waking up is important to align yourself where you are at this point to time in terms of what you are feeling. Acknowledge your emotions, physical condition and mental state. So if you are feeling tired commit to do something about it, if you are feeling anxious or stressed do something about it. This creates the base line for the day and allows you to presence yourself to the task at hand without being influenced by these conditions. So if at this moment you are feeling tired or confused or whatever other emotion acknowledge it, own it and move your focus on to the task that needs to be done. This process of self-alignment is a stunning way to prepare yourself for the day or for some big job that you have to confront. It is the creation of the foundation for the day from which to start creating.

Learn to scan your ‘state’ several times a day. When you are not feeling 100% have a look at how your feelings could be relating to specific events. What significant event happened in my day?, what were my feelings?, what was my reaction?. By regularly asking yourself these questions you gain a lot of insight into yourself and these often link to a belief we have about ourselves. Know that a feeling is a direct result of a thought you had. When you experience some physical discomfort like a stomach ache consider looking at what happened in your day that could have created it. I had come to realize that if I keep something inside and I did not open my mouth when I am unhappy about something I would very soon end up with a stomach ache. So learn to listen to your body.

Here is a quick self help exercise for you. An example has been given to assist you. Acknowledge where you are at and commit taking action in the area that is not 100%

What are you feeling at this very moment?

An example: My mind is confused and unclear

An example. I have a headache

An example. I am depressed

About myself
An example: Unworthy

an example. Desperate

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