Saturday, April 12, 2008


Before under taking any task and especially in the morning after waking up is important to align yourself where you are at this point to time in terms of what you are feeling. Acknowledge your emotions, physical condition and mental state. So if you are feeling tired commit to do something about it, if you are feeling anxious or stressed do something about it. This creates the base line for the day and allows you to presence yourself to the task at hand without being influenced by these conditions. So if at this moment you are feeling tired or confused or whatever other emotion acknowledge it, own it and move your focus on to the task that needs to be done. This process of self-alignment is a stunning way to prepare yourself for the day or for some big job that you have to confront. It is the creation of the foundation for the day from which to start creating.

Learn to scan your ‘state’ several times a day. When you are not feeling 100% have a look at how your feelings could be relating to specific events. What significant event happened in my day?, what were my feelings?, what was my reaction?. By regularly asking yourself these questions you gain a lot of insight into yourself and these often link to a belief we have about ourselves. Know that a feeling is a direct result of a thought you had. When you experience some physical discomfort like a stomach ache consider looking at what happened in your day that could have created it. I had come to realize that if I keep something inside and I did not open my mouth when I am unhappy about something I would very soon end up with a stomach ache. So learn to listen to your body.

Here is a quick self help exercise for you. An example has been given to assist you. Acknowledge where you are at and commit taking action in the area that is not 100%

What are you feeling at this very moment?

An example: My mind is confused and unclear

An example. I have a headache

An example. I am depressed

About myself
An example: Unworthy

an example. Desperate

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