Tuesday, April 29, 2008



Context creation is about creating a vision of that what you want. For example you want a certain type of job write down what this ideal job would be like. If you were going to create a work of art create a vision of the end result before you start. When you are going to give a presentation see how it is all going to be created and presented. So create a vision of what you want. For those looking for the ‘ideal’ partner create a context of the type of person you want by writing out a list of list of the characteristics and values that you want in the relationship. For example things like sharing, space to develop, personal space, trust, support for my spiritual journey etc. Just know that you need to own the characteristics that you want to attract as like attracts. One often spends time telling others about all the characteristics and values you do not want and in this process this is what you attract. Remember the subconscious does not know the difference from the truth and an untruth so you end up attracting a person that has all the characteristics and values that you do not want. Then again you must ‘be’ ito of what you want in order to attract that what you want. You must own and behave ito that what you want to attract. You want love? Be love.. you want the truth? Be the truth? You want honesty? Be honest.. etc. etc If you know the characteristics and values you want for yourself and the relationship should end the context of what you want remains and it is just a person who walks out of the door. In other words the essence of ‘who you are’ and ‘what you want’ remains. Additional to this our values also influence our feelings about another person. For example if one of my values in my life was ‘the family’ and I met someone new and they spoke about their family with love and compassion they would be lifted in my eyes. However if they were derogative and rude about their family they would be ‘dropped’ in my eyes. Just know that you must be the qualities which you seek. So if you are looking for ‘trust’ be ‘trust’ etc, if you are looking for integrity be in integrity. So know that a lot of the characteristics we look for in others are abstract and you will only be in a position to know if they exist by the actions and behavior you see not by the mere words.
Considering this filter when we meet someone and you talk to them notice how you filter them in terms of your values and context creation system. This will give you some valuable information to about yourself. This is also the reason new relationships often end after the first three or six months (the honeymoon period) if the values you seek are not in place. This because ones first attraction is often based on a physical primal desire and then one evaluates the new partner against your own value system and belief system and then the reasoning part of your mind starts to make the final decisions. The reality of any relationship is who you are ‘being’ and who the other person is ‘being’ is all evident in their actions (behavior) and not their words. What often happens in a relationship is that we create ourselves around the needs of the other person and we evolve into someone else and when the relationship ends we flounder as we have in the process forgotten who we are. A lot of this is to do with the need to be really liked by the other person. This is part of our conditioning when we grow up with the concept if I do what they want they will like me.
Context creation is a tool that can be used before undertaking a job by working out what you want as an end result. If you are going to give a presentation then what result do you want to have? I.e. participation by those attending, the boss congratulating you on a job well done etc. With this you will have an affirmation of ‘ I am a great presenter, you can picture the result you want ito visualization and you can feel the winning vibrations to support what you want. Be it going out on a date, a visit to the dentist, a holiday create etc…. the context of what you want and feel like you already have it.For those seekind a relatinship make a list of all the characteristics you want and the values.. then tick off all those that you own.. those that you want but do not have master.. be the person you want to attract into your life.. GO FOR IT..

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