Saturday, April 12, 2008


It is important to note that your personal commitment to deliver on your word is directly proportional to what you achieve in your life. WOW… So if you do not stick to your word then, you will never achieve the things that you want to achieve. Additional to this if you become your word in everything you do especially to yourself providence / the universe will step in and support you in your endeavors by supporting you to get what you want. So start by becoming ‘your word’. Besides when you are committed to changing your life you begin to focus the forces of your willpower to draw towards you everything that is necessary to successfully make the changes you desire. Properly focused consciousness is the fundamental secret of manifesting precisely what you want from life. The truth of the universe is that you draw into your life whatever you consistently think about.

More importantly being ‘your word’ puts you in total control of your life. Gone are the days of blaming others for your inability to achieve. Just do what your commit to do. Besides the fact in the past how many hours, days have you waited around for others to deliver on their word and in the process you lost some of your good living time? Waiting for that promised phone call, visit, requests to come home early etc etc. I am sure you all can relate to this. Therefore instead of waiting and wasting time ‘ be in living by being in action’.

Additional doing what you say you are going to do completes incompletes that block energy in you mind. For example if you say to yourself that you are going to visit a friend and you do not go, continual thoughts of this intent keeps cropping up in your mind even days later. It will remain there until you actually do it. Now spend some time thinking about the incompletes that you have in your mind at this very moment in your life and just make a personal commitment to get rid of them. These could be the accounts that you need to pay, friends and family to visit, jobs at home and at work etc. This is also true for the promises we make to ourselves all the time in all areas of our lives. For example I said is would sort out the chaotic kitchen cupboards, I would watch what I eat, I would go jogging every day this week etc Did I do all the things ? Remember incompletes take up space in your life and mind and does not allow for new ideas or creations to come in. It is like the glass full of water, until you take out the old water you will be unable to fill it with new water.

Besides you are not doing yourself justice by not doing what you say you are going to do and this failure slowly impacts your self worth and self esteem. This is justified by the mere fact of feelings of elation and pride one feels when one has a list of things to do and one actually completes them.

Remember you want to create the new you so you need to get rid of all your incompletes. With this self awareness learn not to create any new incompletes by being ‘your word’ or not committing yourself in areas that you know you cannot deliver. Saying ‘no’ also becomes a lot easier as you are driven more so by your own personal need not to create incompletes in your life in order to maintain your personal control.

Furthermore being in a position to make a commitment about something increases your reliability in the eyes of another person and to yourself. So when you undertake a commitment use words that are empowering. i.e I will….., I promise to……., I can……. ect and then deliver.

With this stance you will feel a great sense of power knowing that you are in control and this contributes to improving your overall self confidence which automatically boosts your self esteem.

So your challenge is to make a list of the incompletes in your life and then go into immediate action to eliminate them one by one. If you have an incomplete that you can not fulfill release yourself from them. More importantly do not make any more incompletes. On completion of this you will be in a better position to create.
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